4 Social media is a lot more than social

Social media is a lot more than social

Have you ever looked for branded items online and then later an offer for the same items came up while scrolling down on your social media? We are all aware that isn’t magic, but, shouldn’t we be setting our limits? Or are those tools actually helping us? In order to answer that, we need to talk about remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a tool that works online. If you look for information about a product, or something related to it, or if you go to the product’s website, then you have just entered in a list of people who are considered to be interested in it. Some engine has detected your intentions on buying something, and now, if the branded items you were looking for match with an active campaign from their brand, you will be targeted and ads will approach you.

Is remarketing dangerous?

Not at all. If you were looking for something, and then later the same thing comes up in the shape of an ad, don’t be scared. No one is listening through the microphone in your phone. No one is following you, or even spying on you. That kind of data is all over the Internet. For that engine, you are just a number, and like you, there are thousands of similar people, with similar interests.

Can remarketing become useful for me as a consumer?

Well, that’s the idea. It was created to help brands reach their potential consumers as easy as possible, but now the tendencies are that people are using it to get better deals, prices, offers or even changing their current brands to the opposite one in the market. If you want take advantage of this feature, just don’t hurry when you’re about to buy something online. Be patient, and a better offer might eventually come up.